Trips to Cuba

Trips to Cuba

Join us on our next trip to Cuba December 27, 2016 to January 9, 2017
Cuba is one of the most culturally dynamic places in the world, with an exceptionally high quality of arts. This trip will take you to see both the cultural highlights of Cuba as well as explore the everyday Cuban experience.
Manuel Suarez leads frequent licensed trips to Cuba, assisted by members of the Havana-based folkloric troupe 7 Potencias.

Ongoing Classes

Dance Class

CultuCuba offers a variety of year-round dance classes in Oakland and San Francisco and Cuban Drum, Percussion, and Rhythm also in Oakland and San Francisco. For those travelling to Cuba, classes in Havana are taught by members of 7 Potencias troupe.

SF Carnaval

SF Carnaval

San Francisco Carnaval takes place in May. Join the CultuCuba Contingent at Carnaval again next year to dance, drum, or volunteer. So much fun!

Annual Cuban Festival

Cuban Festival Image

San Francisco Bay Area Cuban Festival takes place in October each year. Have a look at the exciting events of past festivals and don't miss the fun next year.

7 Potencias Troupe

7 Potencias Photo

CultuCuba has a special relationship with the Cuban folkloric troupe 7 Potencias in Havana, Cuba. In 2013 CultuCuba sponsored the first U.S. tour for the group. CultuCuba's organized trips to Cuba include classes offered by 7 Potencias.

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